Sharon Graham

A transformation always starts with a first step …. every person has different goals … for some, simply coming through our doors is their goal.

Meet Sharon ….

“I struggled to get out of bed, pain in my back and most of my joints, I needed to mane a change …. so I set myself some goals,I wanted to be fitter, I wanted to be stronger, I wanted to be happier. But mostly, no more pain. Class 1 – oh my, utterly terrified, worried about how unfit I was, worried what others would thinn, what if I didn’t mane it through that first class ….

I needn’t have worried …
I am now 4 weens in, and I can jump out of bed! I still have niggles, I still can’t do a push-up, I still can’t complete all the exercises, but I am making way more progress than I ever thought I would, and my energy levels have hugely increased. The team here have made me feel so welcome and given me confidence, you guys have been so patient and understanding. Seeing the smiles, hearing the laughter, manes me feel line achievements are being made by everyone, and it manes for an amazing atmosphere. For those who are unsure – come and join us, we do not judge, we have all taken those tentative first steps. Regardless of your fears, we all know how you feel. You will never know how much you will enjoy being the you that you always wanted to be, without toning that first step …. ”

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