Jennifer macneil

I work a full time job an live out of town. I start work early in morning and finish at whatever time dont have alot of time for anything else through the week.
I don’t do much excerise apart from walk the dogs.
Got lazy eat whatever an drank alot of Bailey’s at the weekends tried to eat healthy sometimes but never lasted tried diet pills but never stuck to them either.

I hated my body I looked in the mirror an it was disgusting.
My clothes got tighter and I went up a bra size.
I wasn’t this heavy since when I was pregnant
My friend posted on Facebook how well she had done an when it’s someone in real life that can actually do it makes it in your own head possible.

Biggest challenge food and time.
It took a while to get into the swing of things an not be standing in front of a cooker at 10pm at night still making your food for the next day when you’ve got to get up at 5am.
Being hungry alot of the time and finding different healthy things to eat that you can eat cold. Just getting your head around the healthy side.
Basically get in from work feed the dogs then off to the gym just do it even when your tired just force yourself to go you always feel better when you’ve been.

I’ve learned you can do anything if you just put your mind to it but I will say with the encouragement and help goes a long way and the photos help a lot.
I think with losing the weight it does give you that bit more energy to go do stuff it gives you a good feeling a good boost so when your happy you make more of an effort to go do other stuff instead of being a couch potato.

The help the encouragement.
Everyone going men and women are going for the same reason so you don’t feel out of place the pictures on the wall show you that it is possible to achieve what you want with a bit of time and effort.
It will have it’s ups an downs but with a bit (Ha ha ALOT of patience ) you will get there you will see results you just have to work hard and speak to people don’t keep your problems to yourself talk to everyone an it will keep you on the right path of different ways to try things if you are struggling. It is scary especially if you are like me who gives up because they don’t see instant results.

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