Feel Good opened in April 2016 with a view to encourage those who are scared and not sure what they are doing in a gym environment.. and really to help people FEEL GOOD about themselves.

Whether your are a serious gym bunny or someone who has no idea what they are doing Feel Good is the place for you.

We have a non intimidating environment where everybody is welcome J All of our trainers have gone through their own transformation and understand how it feels to start making those changes.

We have a fantastic selection of weights resistance and cardio in the gym , and run a busy timetable of classes for gym members – alongside our BLUEPRINT for success – the transformation club.


We have LOADS of equipment…

Squat rack

Smith Machine

Dumbbells – 2kg – 50kg

Hack squack

Leg Press

2 x cable pulley’s

Assisted pull & dip machine

2 x bench press

Lat pulley

Leg Extension

Back extension

Chest press

Seated Row



Stair master – climb up the tower of Pisa or the Eifel Tower!

2 x cross trainers

2 x spins bikes

2 x skierg – upright rowing!

Water rower


Divided but also slightly open plan to the gym, the studio is a fantastic 60m2 bright and airy space, with industrial impact absorbing flooring. We run a variety of classes (most of them included in our gym membership) from Yoga , high intense training, kettlebell s, barbells and many more. No booking required, our studio can take up to 20 people. Good vibes, with good beats and great trainers!