Transformation Club

There are plenty of different slimming clubs out there and there are plenty of gyms. There is also LOTS of information and you could spend days even weeks trawling through it all trying to work out what is best for you to lose the body fat, exercise the right way and finally make that change you have been wanting to for so long.

What We Do and Why We Do It

What isn’t out there is one place that brings that all together. So three years ago the transformation club was created, to bring weight loss, nutrition and exercise together. Creating a simple blueprint system to follow, surrounded by people on the same journey.

Our focus within the transformation club is to support you all the way, ensuring you reach your goals.

The transformation club is perfect for clients who want to change their body shape, change their eating habits,  but  don’t know where to start with food, exercise, and are scared to walk into a gym.

The Classes

With over 20 group training sessions to chose from each week, you will always be able to find a time that suits you. Our transformation group training is mixed every class, you will never come to the same class twice! We don’t do ‘boot camp’ style – we are there to support you and encourage you all the way, even if exercise has not been part of your life for a long time and you are beginner level.

The Structure

3 x group training sessions per week

Meal plans and nutritional advice

Access to our our exclusive private Facebook page full of inspiration, recipe ideas and motivation.

GymSync group booking system – chop and change your classes to suit you each week

Accountability coach who will contact you once per week, keeping you on track

Weekly online check in – sharing your trials and tribulations so we can continue to support you

Photos – we don’t believe in scales or focusing on weight loss. Your photos are taken at the start then every 6 weeks – the best way for you to monitor your results.

Graduation pack – on reaching your goals you are offered our graduation membership which includes a Certificate of achievement, unlimited access to gym & classes, gym programme and remain a Facebook member within the group.

Transformation Group Training

The transformation group training will keep you guessing! You will never come to the same class twice.

I think this is one of the reasons it works so well.

Each class is 45 minutes and can be any mixture of strength, mixed circuits, bodyweight or cardio.

The great thing is, you have nothing to be afraid of!

Even if you are a complete beginner, because we use a booking system, we know who is coming and can design each class to suit all levels.

There is always an easier option for beginners and of course harder options for those who have been training for a while.

You certainly don’t get left to it nor do we ever take a hardcore ‘bootcamp’ style approach. We encourage you all the way and you only ever train with other people from the Transformation club – so no scary ‘gym’ people!

And, we have 22 options per week so plenty to choose from.


by direct debit per person per month, single sign up or couples options….

3 Month Contract3 Month Contract
£69 Single sign up£59 Couples sign up

Why not enjoy the journey together….

£59 direct debit per person per month

Brand new…pay up front:

12 week transformation club £225