Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intesity interval training – HIIT.

It consists of 4 minute rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval. With maximum effort during the short 20 seconds you should be able to push you body to its limits.

Tabata burns a lot of calories and provides a killer full-body anaerobic and aerobic workout. Tabata training also improves athletic performance, improves glucose metabolism, and acts as an excellent catalyst for fat burning. The Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) effect is off the charts for Tabata Training.

If you are thinking of adding Tabata to your training regimen, twice per week is enough. You can do it more often if you’re better trained, need quick results, or recover well from the previous sessions. On at Feel Good Mon, Wed and Friday lunchtimes.