Since having my children I had slowly piled on weight, I had always worked in admin positions so had a very sedentary life and did very little excersise. I was really unhappy with my size and was suffering with heartburn and indigestion and had just suffered two bouts of sciatica prior to joining the gym. All of which were probably related to my weight and lack of fitness.
Over the years I have tried almost every diet ever invented, Atkins, cabbage soup, 3 day diet, Slimming World. They all worked for the first week or two but I could never stick to them.
In November last year after we both had ‘milestone’ birthdays my husband made an appointment for a consultation with Laura at Feel Good Fitness. If I’m honest I wasn’t exactly wild about the idea as I had never been to a gym before and just went along to humour my husband and show that I wasn’t going rule his idea out straight away!

I was very overweight and my fitness level was rock bottom. I was annoyed at myself for allowing things to get to that stage but was lacking the motivation needed to do anything about it. I’m glad my husband took the step for me to arrange that first consultation.

The biggest challenge in the first few weeks was my lack of fitness but despite that the classes were still good fun and were always a good mix of ages and fitness levels so you never felt out of your depth or self conscious. I soon realised I really liked working out so it really helped that I enjoyed it. The Meal Plan took a wee bit of adjusting to but once the science of it is explained you see the importance of sticking to it. It doesn’t feel like a diet, more of a healthy eating plan, and when you see your initial weight loss in a short space of time it really motivates you to stick with it.

I surprised myself by actually really liking the gym. Improving my fitness and losing weight has made a huge difference to my health and sense of wellbeing and just makes getting through the day easier. I’ve more energy and even wee jobs like housework or walking the dog are easier.

The health benefits have been huge to me. I no longer suffer with daily heartburn and indigestion nor do I have problems with lower back pain or bouts of sciatica.
I would encourage anybody to start this program. You just have to get out of your comfort zone long enough to get through your consultation and your first class. You soon realise that everyone else is in the same boat as you. Even during the periods when you are struggling with the Meal Plan or you have a hard day in the gym when everything hurts the Trainers are always on hand with advice and encouragement. Plus you won’t be the only one with the odd struggle there’s always someone else going through the same thing.