About Me

I dabbled in teaching classes when I was 21 way back in 2000 – where I found my passion for motivating people.

Life took me in other business directions, but 12 years later in 2012 I decided to qualify as a personal trainer. I have always had a love for health and fitness, especially helping others.

By late 2013 I had the opportunity to buy into a gym franchise. It was a great starting point for me, but I felt restricted and realised there was a huge niche in the market to bring together weight loss with the right training and nutrition.

I found people either went to slimming clubs and didn’t have the confidence in the gym, or came to the gym and had no idea where to start with food.

So, my Feel Good ‘Transformation baby’ was born in October 2015!

I wanted to create a supportive community for people who had lost their confidence, had been on and off the ‘diet’ wagon for years and help educated them the best way possible to finally get the results they had always wanted.

The rest is really history. We have had so many positive results through the club – with many people saying that the Transformation Club is the one thing that has worked for them – where many other things that didn’t.

While the visual results are of course amazing, the most amazing thing is when people start to get their confidence back as well as their health.

I have dealt with clients from the age of 19 to 73, all shapes and abilities. We create a supportive motivational environment. The ‘I cannot walk into a gym’ thought, is one of the main reasons I started the club. So, don’t walk into a gym – walk into the Transformation club! The club is full of people on the same journey, helping and encouraging each other all the way.

I am humbled to be part of this amazing community and feel grateful to everyone who has trusted me enough to jump in and make that commitment.